Remote Deposit Solution
Our business customers can look forward to more efficiency and better service with National Bank of California’s new Remote Deposit Solution. By using digital image technology instead of paper checks, we speed up access to your money and make your banking more efficient.

Using a scanner, you create images of checks you want to deposit and send the images to us over a secure Internet connection. We do the rest. If your checks are received before the end of the business day, we will credit them to your account on the same day.

The service is made possible by Check 21, or the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act, which took effect October 2004 and will change the way the banking industry processes checks. Check 21 allows financial institutions to provide a substitute check, or IRD (Image Replacement Document), instead of the original check for processing. Substitute checks are the legal equivalent of an original check for all purposes, including any provision of Federal or State law.

Check 21 increases the efficiency of the check clearing system by allowing banks to process checks electronically. It eliminates the need to physically transport checks via truck, train, or airplane.

More Benefits of Remote Deposit and Check 21:
  • Checks will be processed faster which gives customers a more accurate account balance
  • Customers can find and store checks more easily online, and the ability to print multiple checks on regular size pages
  • Fraud will be reduced—as checks are processed faster, banks can identify fraudulent checks quicker and minimize customer inconvenience

Click here to ask one of our electronic banking specialists about our Remote Deposit Solution.

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